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Why choose parquets?

  • Parquets are a natural product. While the safeguarding of the production is achieved with the durability of a hardwood.
  • Parquets give the interior a personal touch. In a well-executed installation and coating, a high quality and luxurious appearance (interior) is achieved.
  • In today’s world there is more and more talk about being environmentally friendly. Since parquets are a natural product, they are environmentally friendly.
  • Parquets are a barometer for healthy living. If all the methods of production of laying the parquets were maintained, they should stop working in the room. When it comes to a shrinking or swelling of the parquets, that is proof that the climatic conditions in the room are not normal.

Is the maintenance of parquets demanding?

  • Everything is dependent on the surface treatment used. Varnished parquets are easy to maintain. They do not produce static. They are therefore many suitable for allergy sufferers. With parquets, healthy living is ensured.

Are they also suitable for prefabricated homes?

  • With good installation you need not be afraid of angry neighbours. Parquets as a natural material are flexible and the wood absorbs vibrations. Compared to tiles or other floor coverings, they are warm for your feet.

Are parquets cheap?

  • When you take into account the price and their durability, parquets are not expensive at all, since they have a long life.

Can they only be the colour of wood?

  • No, it does not have to be. At the present time a lot of quality mordents are used, giving the wood a different, individual look. With this design we are able to ensure an exotic floor.

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