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The Pila Loštice s.r.o. has been a sign of quality for a long time - in wood processing, we have been working with them for almost a century. In these years, we profiled ourselves as a company with professional staff who love working with wood and can transfer their love into the final products.

We manufacture wood flooring to order, which can be an ornament in any interior. The careful selection of wood ensures it has a long service life - they will serve us for many more years. The wooden floors and parquets, are primarily made from high quality wood plants - beech, oak, ash and maple.

Depending on your requirements, we select the suitable wood from the quality class of timber we have. Through appropriate selection of the type of wood, you can achieve both a delicate and inconspicuous appearance and a very distinctive character of wood flooring. We choose the wood for the flooring with great care, so that we can meet your exact taste.

The Pila Loštice s.r.o. Loštice is a wooden construction company with a long tradition. It was founded as a company in 1927 by Jan Štencl-wheelwright, who was, himself involved in the manufacture of skis, sleds and wooden parquets.

After 1948 it was nationalised, and up to 1992 it changed owners’ hands several times. In 1992, the company went back into the private property of the Štencl family and continues the timber production under the name Pila Loštice s.r.o.



Classic parquets

Classic parquets21.05.2012

A novelty of our production is the classic wood flooring with bevel. These stalls are made to order for a fee of 60 crowns.

Mosaic Industry

Mosaic Industry21.05.2012

A novelty of our production is the laid industry mosaic. This mosaic is made to order for a fee of 160 CZK.

Brikety Palivové dřevo Balené palivo



Wood parquets

Classic wooden parquets with a vivid natural surface structure, healthy knots, knot holes with parquet, with minor variations in colour and more included.


Industry Mosaic

Mosaic parquets made from scrap wood and are therefore cheaper, they have the same durability and resistance as classic parquet.


Solid Wood Flooring

Floor boards offer the same quality and characteristics as classic healthy parquet, they are suitable for those who love wood and want to enjoy their natural appearance and beauty.

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