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Wood parquets

Classic wooden parquet floors are used in homes, apartment buildings and other residential and commercial areas, mainly because of their proven quality.

We offer a variety of floor types - ones with strong nature structure, ones which contain healthy knots, hardwood floors without knots, ones with small variations in colours, etc.

Thanks to the different quality categories (selection, classic, standard and style) you can get very original floors. Each type of wood used (beech, oak, ash and maple) is suitable for a different type of interior. The hardness, colour and the relief of the wood are different for each species, and therefore it is important to carefully select the material for your flooring.

The wooden parquets have a long life and durability, and keep themselves from gathering no contaminants such as dust, like laminate flooring. Thanks to this they are hygienic and the natural look is more pleasant that artificial materials for the majority of people. In addition, compared with parquet, laminate floors offer a better form of renovation, where floor heating is not a problem.

Tip: wood parquets, made from beech wood, have a very low relief, which most projects look for ass their quality. It is especially suitable for fine, modern interiors, where you do not want to divert the attention to the floor, but only want to emphasise the character of the space in a suitable manner.

The quality category is suitable for interiors where you want distinctive and original wood parquet with visible elements of nature - different shades of colour, knots and relief. These are also strikingly similar to oak parquets in the categories of classical and style.

The parquets are made from the following woods: BEECH, OAK, MAPLE, ASH.

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