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About us

The Pila Loštice s.r.o. is a wooden construction company with a long tradition. It is located in North Moravia, about 30km from Olomouc. It was founded as a company in 1927 by Jan Štencl- a wheelwright who was involved in the manufacture of skis, sleds and wooden parquet.

After 1948 it was nationalized and up until 1992 it changed owners’ hands several times. In 1992, the company went back to being the private property of the Štencl family and continues the timber production under the Pila Loštice s.r.o. name.

Pila Loštice s.r.o.

The company is involved in the cutting of deciduous tree logs, then the production of furniture and scantling blanks the semi-finished product for the main production i.e. the production of classic solid wood flooring, solid wood flooring and industry mosaics. The blanks for the production are to be dried before processing in 7 drying systems with the latest technology and processed on the top machinery that guarantees the best accuracy and quality of the products.

The annual volume of production is 40,000m² and 20,000m² of industrial parquet mosaic. The solid wood parquet is made from the woods: beech, oak, ash and maple in thicknesses of 14mm and 21mm. In the production of beech, ash and maple parquet and industry mosaic, the company is the largest manufacturer in the Czech Republic. Various widths and lengths are available to the customer and all in 4 quality classes ranging from domestic to foreign market.

The company employs 100 people, thereby contributing to the employment of local residents and people from around a region with a large rates of unemployment.

The classic solid wood parquet and industry mosaic are environmental products, that have high quality treatment by layering them with environmentally friendly water-based varnish, as determined by the customers, as all of us love to satisfy your needs and welcome you as our customer.

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